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It's not easy

Most caregivers for a loved one with advancing dementia, face "24 Hour Days", stress, anxiety, exhaustion, frustration. Their physical and emotional health usually suffers; their relationships with other family members and friends often get neglected. If this sounds like your situation, we understand. You need relief. You need a break.


We at Swintonhill offer you both short and long-term solutions!

With a capacity for only 27 residents, Swintonhill is small enough to ensure individualised dementia careWe truly offer a homely environment. The lack of staff turnover means continuity of care, and staff familiarity with all residents so they can promptly spot any changes and alert family and medical professionals.


At Swintonhill we have a small chapel within our home. This provides for all spiritual needs.

Our local chapel provides a weekly service for all residents who wish to attend

A socially stimulating environment

Research shows that lack of mental and physical stimulation, and lack of social interaction, can accelerate the progression of dementia. We offer a full range of physically, mentally and socially stimulating activities daily. We offer CHOICE as much as possible so the individual preferences and needs of residents get priority.


Our goal is to provide MORE GOOD DAYS!

Safety and Security

Many dementia sufferers develop a tendency to explore their surroundings and wander, dangerously. Swintonhill's beautiful gardens, walking paths and grounds are surrounded by attractive fencing with locked gates. All doors and windows in our safe dementia home are secure. Residents never go outside without supervision and staff know the location of our residents at all times. 


All of our residents have their own personal care plan. This is required so that we know exactly how you wish to be cared for. Within your care plan it will be documented what you like, what you can do independently, and what you need support with. We also would love to know about your life and the amazing things you may have seen and accomplished.

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